&soWalter (usw.)

&soWalter (usw.) is a small printing studio in Stavanger, Norway. The studio was established in 2015 and is named after Walter Benjamin, the inventor of mechanical reproduction of artworks. We are printing on an EZ570e, currently with these colors: black, medium blue, bright red, green, yellow, fluo pink and metallic gold. Most of our work is self-initiated, but we do a lot of commissioned work too – for other artists, designers and our visual communication clients and research objects.
In addition, we organize workshops and invite artists to print sessions. We are linked to Grafill, the Norwegian organization for Visual Communication, and part of the multi-hearted art & design collective Fazed Grunion. &soWalter is part of the coworking space Consulatet (together with silk screen printing artist DridMachine and others). 
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