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RoughBooks is a caleidoscopic project, based in Lisbon (Portugal), that aims to explore the rough and often overlooked uniqueness of the self-publishing world. We’re mainly an independent creative studio focused on Risograph printing, facilitating the production of small scale publications, artist books, posters, flyers, and any other graphic objects. In parallel we also have our own publishing house where we regularly publish zines, books, and other limited edition works by various artists and illustrators that we feel are rough enough.

Since the beginning of 2014, graphic design students of HMKW Cologne have had the opportunity to work with a Risograph Printer.

Shortt Editions creates books, prints and editions that play with, mock and appropriate cultural norms, authority and rules. The press works with a mixture of digital printing, Risograph printing and laser cutters to create unique works that manipulate the political that can be found in the everyday.  In 2018 Shortt Editions launched Altar Riso which collaborates with artists to create zines and prints and share our love of Risograph printing. 

Risograph Roma, nasce dalla collaborazione tra la casa editrice di Numero Cromatico (Centro di ricerca sulla relazione tra arte e scienza) e Tipografare.

Obiettivo del progetto è divulgare le potenzialità della stampa risografica, attraverso corsi e laboratori.

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and in flesh and bones at Troyes (10 / France)

Dortmund based multidiscipliary Design Studio, focused on Corporate Design for innovative clients. 
Founders of process Festival and riso-lovers. Riso-lecturer @ FH Dortmund.