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Edición experimental en Valencia, Risografía y Letterpress. Encuadernación Singer.

Realizamos proyectos propios y encargos. 

Raghaus is a fully equipped, full service Letterpress, Risograph & Digital print shop in the Hudson Valley, New York. Owner Markus Hartel provides his customers with 30 years of experience in the industry.

We love working with visual artists, writers, musicians and record companies & collaborate on small edition art prints, art books, zines, business cards, CD booklets, lyrics zines, flyers, posters etc... Anything goes. Our high-end 600dpi Riso MZ990 is equipped with a RIP, i.e. we're able to print directly from your digital files.

Popper Publishing is artist collective from Riga, Latvia founded in 2012 and since then has been active in many different fields such as exhibition, event curating, zine and book publishing, focusing on graphic and contemporary art, drawing, illustration, graffiti and photography. Since 2014 they own a Risograph machine.

Running a few GRs out of my studio space in New Orleans for a couple years now. Mostly printing for myself but increasingly trying to make stuff for friends and whoever else really.

Fidèle is initially a small press publishing picture books and comics. Almost every book is printed on our machines, and since 2016, we beggan to offer our services as printers. Now it's a 50-50 activity and the studio is growing with new materials at the "Grands Voisins", a former hospital turned into a famous alternative economy and social developpement place.

See you there !

dahier is a small printing shop in Gerswalde, a remote village in the rural area Uckermarck, 100km north of Berlin.

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DIY Printing in Graz.

Reach out to us: [email protected]
or come by: thursdays, 4 – 10pm (e-mail us for the exact address)


1. f. Acción y efecto de mermar.

2. F. Porción de algo que se consume naturalmente o se sustrae o sisa.

Vasija troceada de letras y grafías, un pícaro escaparate, una editorial desobediente que brota

desde la orilla peligrosa de los versos. Textos cargados del a veces borroso brillo del vector

loco, de la promesa creativa, la audacia preguntona y la mirada diferente; que toma la

oportunidad de sustraerse de alguna normalidad para proponer otra cosa. Resto temerario.