Not truly opaque - useful for mixing or as a base layer for "lifting" other colors

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Before Breakfast is a design and Riso print studio based in London, creating contemporary and handcrafted stationery for everyday practical use.

A small independent risograph studio printing on a SF9350 in Cape Town, South Africa. Offering 10 colours!

I also offer design and bookbinding of artist book publications.

Website is coming soon :) 

Contact me: [email protected]



jwtwel, Riso printing, creation & illustration.

Inuit is an independent bookshop, Risograph printing studio and publishing house based in Bologna.

Comics maker and designer with a couple of Riso machines lovingly restored from obsolescence. Want to print something? Let's talk.

Risolve Studio is a for-hire risograph print and design studio in the greater Philadelphia area owned and operated by Lyndsey Burke and Sebastian Navarro-Delaney.

Risolve offers a variety of printing, design, and finishing services.

We can print double sided and on text weight (75gsm) to cover weight (250gsm) paper, 11"x17" or smaller.

We currently offer in-house saddle stitching and trimming and outsource more complicated finishing projects to a local bindery we know and trust.

Printopia Vietnam is a digital printing company. Printing services are available online at www.printopia.vn The company provides 3 major digital printing methods: toner (laser); inkjet (large format pigment; high speed Memjet roll dye & Riso's cut sheet forcejet pigment); Risograph (stencil).