Not truly opaque - useful for mixing or as a base layer for "lifting" other colors

255, 255, 255
Z-Type Part Number: 
0, 0, 0 ,0

jwtwel, Riso printing, creation & illustration.

Inuit is an independent bookshop, Risograph printing studio and publishing house based in Bologna.

Comics maker and designer with a couple of Riso machines lovingly restored from obsolescence. Want to print something? Let's talk.

Risolve Studio is a for-hire risograph print and design studio in the greater Philadelphia area owned and operated by Lyndsey Burke and Sebastian Navarro-Delaney.

Risolve offers a variety of printing, design, and finishing services.

We can print double sided and on text weight (75gsm) to cover weight (250gsm) paper, 11"x17" or smaller.

We currently offer in-house saddle stitching and trimming and outsource more complicated finishing projects to a local bindery we know and trust.

Printopia Vietnam is a digital printing company. Printing services are available online at www.printopia.vn The company provides 3 major digital printing methods: toner (laser); inkjet (large format pigment; high speed Memjet roll dye & Riso's cut sheet forcejet pigment); Risograph (stencil).

The Analog Research Lab at Facebook exists to promote creativity, innovation, openness, and connectivity within the Facebook community through art and design.

Drucken3000 is the Berlin based atelier for Risography run by Alexander Branczyk and Florian Haberstumpf. The workshop is open for everyone who loves to do own prints with the available 20 colors.
Check out the newly opened Drucken3000 Risografie gallery shop for Riso Art Prints: http://www.flat-gold.de