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Topo Copy is an ‘openlab-research-center’ for print, zines, paper,
copy, ink and art … with a publishing zinelabel & library,
activities such as workshops, lectures, interventions and expo’s. We run
an ‘open atelier’ with machines for creation using ink and paper. We
print Riso.

For risographic work (posters, books, flyers, fanzines,…) contact: [email protected]

The Rizzeria is a collective of self publishers and print makers in Sydney, Australia. We own an RP3700 Risograph stencil press that we make available for public use through open-print sessions.

We frequently run workshops on using the Risograph machine, screenprinting onto textiles and other surfaces using its stencils, and various other topics. Keep an eye out!

Dawn Press is a creative printing service operated by Xavier Connelly and one of the few commercial Riso printers in Australia. The press began printing in late 2010, establishing itself as an integral part of Melbourne’s small press and self-publishing scene. With the Risograph’s ability to print small quantities at a low cost, Dawn Press is effectively forging an arc between the raw reproduction of the photocopier and the printing values of the traditional offset printer.

Benchpress is an independent printing press based in Perth, Western Australia. Offering printing and publishing services through the use of a Risograph MZ 790U, the press is able to assist in the production of art prints, books, catalogues, zines, posters, flyers, invitations, stationery, business cards, and CD/ DVD/ cassette covers amongst other things.

SOYBOT is a Vienna-based micro publishing collective. The members share
an affinity to graphics, illustration and hardwear. Their work and
prints are published in small editions using different printing methods
such as screen, riso and laser print. Soybot occupy themselves with the
most elementary topics as Hp Baxxter, bongs, tribals, wrestling, UfOs,
and poems.

Perfectly Acceptable Press is a Risograph print studio and publishing house in Chicago. Besides doing contract printing for artists all over North America, Perfectly Acceptable publishes 8-10 titles per year spanning the genres of comics, artist books, and essay with an emphasis on narrative and craft.