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super awesome printshop in downtown portland

Exit Press is a Risograph Studio based in Norwich, England.

We produce contemporary art and illustration editions.

+ offer a commercial print service.

Contact us @ [email protected].

Vide Press is an independent risograph print and design studio located in Toronto, Canada. We work mainly with musicians and concert venues to design, print, and distribute one- and two-colour riso posters around the Toronto core, promoting local events and artists. Although we specialize in posters, we also love to print zines, flyers, envelopes, letterheads, business cards, you name it. We especially enjoy working with musicians on their cassette covers and 7” single inserts and sleeves. Vide Press is the passion project of Quentin Mitchell, also known as @printinquentin.

Atto is a design consultancy based in Milan, directed by Sara Bianchi and Andrea Zambardi. We work on a wide range of project carefully curating every detail and guiding our clients through each step of the process. We are also passionate of printing and self-production, and when we decided to found our studio we would have liked to experiment with that. We tried different printing techniques, including silkscreen and letterpress, but we needed something that we could have easily matched with our studio activities. Thats why we bought a Risograph RP3505 in 2013.

Herr & Frau Rio, consisting of Sascha Wellm & Laura Sirch, are a Munich based Riso studio, offering print services, graphic design and workshops.
We're happy to welcome you at our studio!

M/K Press Ltd is a small Riso printing studio based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Portable Editions is a small publishing operation Miami, FL. Founded in 2014 by Juana Meneses + Leila A. Leder Kremer to foster appreciation and understanding for artists’ books as portable, intimate, democratic and works of art.

Colmillo es un colectivo de ilustración, de Bogotá, Colombia, realizamos fanzines y publicaciones no convencionales, tratando temas ecológicos, sociales o personales. Nos gusta participar en ferias, dar talleres y compartir trabajo y conocimiento con otros ilustradores, hacer publicaciones en conjunto. Estampamos camisetas, espaldares y parches de nuestras ilustraciones. Diseñamos y producimos Cassettes para bandas nacionales e internacionales de punk, crust, hardcore punk y otros géneros ( COLMILLO junto a The Return Recs.).