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Since 1984 Knust is specialized in stencilprinting, also called Risograph or mimeograph, and has everything inhouse to make books. The workshop in artist organisation Extrapool was founded by and for artists and offers the possibility to create your own stencilwork in a reasonable print run and price. There are about 50 colors available, 5 machines and we have a second DIY workspace in Amsterdam, NL at AGALAB. Knust publishes itself, invites artists for residencies, makes wallpaper, flyers and posters and houses a shop in Nijmegen. Knust also works on commission.

Pausebread Press is a creative risograph design studio based in Shanghai, China. We have been making zines and photobooks since 2009 under the independent publishing label Bananafish Books. We hold monthly workshop in our Shanghai studio space with zine lovers of China.

Risograph is such an inspirational and passion-motive tool for zine making and paper products. We love it so much!   /



Raum Press is a print studio based in Salamanca and founded in 2013 by Laura Pilar Delgado and Miguel Ângelo Martins. It focuses on the Risograph printing process. From our knowledge, experience and good ideas we produce projects and editions effectively. At the same time, we are editing artists' publications within the Independent publishing project Raum Editions.

De Kijm & zn. is an environmentally friendly Riso & silkscreen printing studio. In the studio, they print for customers as well as printing their own artwork and designs.

35 colors on the MZ970
Not listed below -> We have Metallic copper & Metallic silver

6 colors on the A2 -> Black, White, Metallic gold, Fluorescent orange, Fluorescent red, Cornflower

For risographic work (posters, books, flyers, fanzines,…) contact: [email protected]

SOYBOT is a Vienna-based micro publishing collective. The members share
an affinity to graphics, illustration and hardwear. Their work and
prints are published in small editions using different printing methods
such as screen, riso and laser print. Soybot occupy themselves with the
most elementary topics as Hp Baxxter, bongs, tribals, wrestling, UfOs,
and poems.