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Comics maker and designer with a couple of Riso machines lovingly restored from obsolescence. Want to print something? Let's talk.

Risolve Studio is a for-hire risograph print and design studio in the greater Philadelphia area owned and operated by Lyndsey Burke and Sebastian Navarro-Delaney.

Risolve offers a variety of printing, design, and finishing services.

We can print double sided and on text weight (75gsm) to cover weight (250gsm) paper, 11"x17" or smaller.

We currently offer in-house saddle stitching and trimming and outsource more complicated finishing projects to a local bindery we know and trust.

Small risograph print and book studio in Seattle, WA.

Print Cache is dedicated to producing things of questionable value while working to encourage conversations of great significance.

Minuscule imprimerie spécialisée dans la risographie créée par deux dessinateurs en 2012.

Perfectly Acceptable is a very small Risograph print studio in Chicago, IL run by Matt Davis. Perfectly Acceptable offers commision printing at an affordable rate and features a curated series of prints and zines.

Issue Press is an independent publisher of artist publications, multiples, and other printed matter based in Grand Rapids, MI.