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Established in Quito/Ecuador, Rey Neblina is a workshop devoted to visual narrative, graphic design, and artistic experimentation. We focus on the creation and distribution of ideas through the use of graphic material. As a publishing house we print and distrubute comics, books, fanzines, illustrated books and experimental publications by different local and international artists. If you would like to hire us (or work on a proyect with us), you can contact us at:

We are a French laboratory of risography installed on a third place near Poitiers (midwest). We welcome the projects of garphists and artists who want to experiment with risography. We also print our own creations.



We do art books, comics, posters, zines, etc. Contact us for a quote!


Tara Books is an independent publishing house based out of Chennai, India. We publish illustrated and handmade books for children and adults, spanning a range of genres; children's literature, social and art pedagogy, popular culture, photography and art. We also have a range of limited-edition art prints and stationery, featuring work from contemporary artists who have collaborated with us. 

We have just begun our experiments with Riso printing. We offer Riso books and art prints, available at our shop.

Comics maker and designer with a couple of Riso machines lovingly restored from obsolescence. Want to print something? Let's talk.

Terry Bleu is an independent screen printing & risograph workshop and publishing house founded in Amsterdam by Hugo Rocci. Our quest is to transform the work of artists we love into fresh, one-of-a-kind prints. We get fired up about all things playful, colourful, naive, and surprising. All profits from published works go straight back into supporting the atelier with new equipment and materials, time-travelling pursuits, and making new books.