Sky Blue

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May gallery & residency was founded and ran in New Orleans from 2012 to 2016, but has since moved to Los Angeles, now operating May publications. May has a Riso EZ 390, which we use to print for clients as well as teach new Riso users how to use our machine for their own printing, which we charge a nominal rate for the usage of the machine (print count and masters). New users will be given a free tutorial on the machine; experienced users can use the machine without the tutorial, given they the show proof of their experience. 

Quintal Éditions est un studio de création et d'éditions graphiques fondé en 2017 à Paris. Quintal Éditions a façonné l'identité visuelle de Bureau Patio. Ce sont également les premières éditions à utiliser des illustrations en Risographie. En septembre 2017, Quintal lance son propre atelier d’impression pour éditer et organiser en toute liberté des expositions collectives en collaboration avec une grande variété d’artistes. 

Created out of Dylan Devine and YEAHYELHSA's (Ashley Olinger) desire to experiment with the Risograph printing process, Hell Yeah Design is Pittsburgh Pennsylvania's first [to our knowledge] Risograph print studio. The studio's objective is to aide the art and design community in creating unique printed materials and offering a platform for the sale of work by themselves and their collaborators. 

Print Cache is dedicated to producing things of questionable value while working to encourage conversations of great significance.

Since 1984 Knust is specialized in stencilprinting, also called Risograph or mimeograph, and has everything inhouse to make books. The workshop in artist organisation Extrapool was founded by and for artists and offers the possibility to create your own stencilwork in a reasonable print run and price. There are about 50 colors available, 5 machines and we have a second DIY workspace in Amsterdam, NL at AGALAB. Knust publishes itself, invites artists for residencies, makes wallpaper, flyers and posters and houses a shop in Nijmegen. Knust also works on commission.