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Risolve Studio is a for-hire risograph print and design studio in the greater Philadelphia area owned and operated by Lyndsey Burke and Sebastian Navarro-Delaney.

Risolve offers a variety of printing, design, and finishing services including:

- Posters/Flyers/Art prints
- Books/Zines
- Stationary/Envelopes
- Business cards/Swing tags
- Brochures/Menus/Maps
- And much more!

We can print double sided and on text weight (75gsm) to cover weight (250gsm) paper, 11"x17" or smaller.

Art, print & design studio.

Print Cache is dedicated to producing things of questionable value while working to encourage conversations of great significance.

¡We are a gallery with strong faith in our artists, self publishing exhibition catalogues and other art related publications with a Riso RZ390!

De Kijm & zn. is an environmentally friendly Riso & silkscreen printing studio. In the studio, they print for customers as well as printing their own artwork and designs.

35 colors on the MZ970
Not listed below -> We have Metallic copper, Metallic silver, Fluorescent red, Fluorescent green & Fluorescent yellow

6 colors on the A2 -> Black, White, Metallic gold, Fluorescent orange, Fluorescent red, Cornflower

Minuscule imprimerie spécialisée dans la risographie créée par deux dessinateurs en 2012.

Perfectly Acceptable is a very small Risograph print studio in Chicago, IL run by Matt Davis. Perfectly Acceptable offers commision printing at an affordable rate and features a curated series of prints and zines.