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Here at Stencilwerck Bertus Gerssen operates the MZ970, but you are free to try it yourself.
There are 8 colors to choose from: Black, Red, Bright Red, Fluo-orange, Green, Teal, Yellow and Blue.
I stock different papers, e.g. Biotop in different weights and you can bring your own paper too!

Helio Press is the latest project from illustrator and zine lifer Ashley Ronning. Specialising in illustrative risograph printing and DIY publishing, Helio is dedicated to the art of imbuing paper with the vision of authors and illustrators and capturing concepts and abstractions with ink impressions on the page. We have published zines with artists Caitlin Shearer, Min Pin, HAM, Mel Stringer, Olivia Grbac and Josh Simpson.

Die Brueder are laboratory, factory and tree house.

12/2015. Recently, we added a Riso-Machine to our cabinet of wonder.

7/2016. Second Gr3750 is running. Geared up! 7 Color Drums now.

8/2016 8 colors now, 4 more drums waiting to be filled. Yay!

1/2017 10 colors now, setting up a workshop for handmade frames.

1/2017 RIP SC 7000 seems to work now. New Pressure Rollers in both machines.

2/2017 Started to feature some of our work online: www.luckypunchpress.de

Artist publications, Riso small press and Screen print studio. // Espacio de producción de obra gráfica y publicaciones de artistas.

A small shapeshifting printshop in Manchester, New Hampshire specializing in short-run editions and ephemera. Offering risograph, letterpress, and woodcut printing and publishing in collaboration with artists, designers, and writers.

LA-based press and printing service. Zines, posters, prints, artist collaborations. Run by Stephanie Lane Gage.

Drucken3000 is the Berlin based atelier for Risography run by Alexander Branczyk and Florian Haberstumpf. The workshop is open for everyone who loves to do own prints with the available 30 colors. Check out the newly opened Drucken3000 Risografie gallery shop for Riso Art Prints: http://www.flat-gold.de