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We are a French laboratory of risography installed on a third place near Poitiers (midwest). We welcome the projects of garphists and artists who want to experiment with risography. We also print our own creations.



COLORAMA is a risoprinting studio and a publishing house based in Berlin - It is run by Johanna Maierski since 2015. COLORAMA aims to share its craftmanship to make the process of designing, illustrating, conceptualizing, printing, binding, publishing and distributing as accessible as possible. Therefore the studio offers regular workshops with introductions to basic and specific topics. 

Since 2016 Colorama and Aisha Franz host CLUBHOUSE, an event where a group of artists are invited to work collaboratively on the design and production of a publication.

Risolve Studio is a for-hire risograph print and design studio in the greater Philadelphia area owned and operated by Lyndsey Burke and Sebastian Navarro-Delaney.

Risolve offers a variety of printing, design, and finishing services including:

- Posters/Flyers/Art prints
- Books/Zines
- Stationary/Envelopes
- Business cards/Swing tags
- Brochures/Menus/Maps
- And much more!

We can print double sided and on text weight (75gsm) to cover weight (250gsm) paper, 11"x17" or smaller.

Riso Lab is a creative space within the Florence School of Fine Arts which is located in the former workshop of renaissance artist Giorgio Vasari. Facilities include an A3 Risograph printer, 6 restored Gestetner stencil duplicating machines and tools for processing and finishing artist books, graphic novels, comix, zines and posters.

¡We are a gallery with strong faith in our artists, self publishing exhibition catalogues and other art related publications with a Riso RZ390!

The Riso Club is an open printing workshop based in Leipzig, run by Christiane Haas and Sina Schindler. Basically everyone who likes to print something up to 8 colors, is invited to work with the Risograph GR3750 and to become a member of our club (actually, we do have laminated member cards). The club is also our workplace, a place to meet people, a place to hang around and a place to teach people how Riso works and how beautiful Riso printing is.