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Edición experimental en Valencia, Risografía y Letterpress. Encuadernación Singer.

Realizamos proyectos propios y encargos. 

Raghaus is a fully equipped, full service Letterpress, Risograph & Digital print shop in the Hudson Valley, New York. Owner Markus Hartel provides his customers with 30 years of experience in the industry.

We love working with visual artists, writers, musicians and record companies & collaborate on small edition art prints, art books, zines, business cards, CD booklets, lyrics zines, flyers, posters etc... Anything goes. Our high-end 600dpi Riso MZ990 is equipped with a RIP, i.e. we're able to print directly from your digital files.

Una decisión porta un itinerario y un deseo, ambos permiten instituir la intención. La intención es lo que liga la determinación de la voluntad hacia un fin. Todo proyecto debe conocer su intención. Sin despejarla no se logra dar el paso a la decisión de trascender de la idea a la acción.  

Quintal Éditions est un studio de création et d'éditions graphiques fondé en 2017 à Paris. Quintal Éditions a façonné l'identité visuelle de Bureau Patio. Ce sont également les premières éditions à utiliser des illustrations en Risographie. En septembre 2017, Quintal lance son propre atelier d’impression pour éditer et organiser en toute liberté des expositions collectives en collaboration avec une grande variété d’artistes. 

Popper Publishing is artist collective from Riga, Latvia founded in 2012 and since then has been active in many different fields such as exhibition, event curating, zine and book publishing, focusing on graphic and contemporary art, drawing, illustration, graffiti and photography. Since 2014 they own a Risograph machine.

Dolce is an independent publishing house which makes, publishes and distributes artists' books and publications.

L’Horizontale is a French printing and spaceless gallery project, founded in 2017 by Florian Abou Yehia and Zélie Davin. It is devoted to producing risoprints with emerging artists who use photography and video in their work. We sell it online, at fairs or at exhibitions. 

Papers and “horizontal works” enthusiasts, we also propose a selection of unframed original artworks, from drawing to photography.

We work with an RZ 1070 and two colour drums, black and blue (red should come soon).