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A small press and risograph printing studio in Sheffield.

We print zines, books, art prints, posters and stationery for local and national individuals, studios and organisations.

dahier is a small printing shop in Gerswalde, a remote village in the rural area Uckermarck, 100km north of Berlin.

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DIY Printing in Graz.

Reach out to us: [email protected]
or come by: thursdays, 4 – 10pm (e-mail us for the exact address)

Established in Quito/Ecuador, Rey Neblina is a workshop devoted to visual narrative, graphic design, and artistic experimentation. We focus on the creation and distribution of ideas through the use of graphic material. As a publishing house we print and distrubute comics, books, fanzines, illustrated books and experimental publications by different local and international artists. If you would like to hire us (or work on a proyect with us), you can contact us at:

slowkunst press is an artist project founded by Penelope Richardson in Munich in 2016. slowkunstproduces artists books and creative printed objects with and for artists and other creatives.

We also do workshops and teach people about making books, zines, posters and the general principles of printmaking.

Rabbits Road Press is a community risograph print studio and publishing press run by OOMK. The project is based at Rabbits Road Institute, within Old Manor Park Library. The small-scale publishing press provides printing and book binding services for artists and community groups in Newham and beyond.  


1. f. Acción y efecto de mermar.

2. F. Porción de algo que se consume naturalmente o se sustrae o sisa.

Vasija troceada de letras y grafías, un pícaro escaparate, una editorial desobediente que brota

desde la orilla peligrosa de los versos. Textos cargados del a veces borroso brillo del vector

loco, de la promesa creativa, la audacia preguntona y la mirada diferente; que toma la

oportunidad de sustraerse de alguna normalidad para proponer otra cosa. Resto temerario.

Up and coming press, website yet to be made. Need help debugging. can e-mail at [email protected]

Available for design, printing, book production, and consultation for preparing files for riso printing.