Fluorescent Pink

255, 72, 176
806 U
Part Number: 
Z-Type Part Number: 
0, 72, 31, 0

Raum Press is a print studio based in Salamanca and founded in 2013 by Laura Pilar Delgado and Miguel Ângelo Martins. It focuses on the Risograph printing process. From our knowledge, experience and good ideas we produce projects and editions effectively. At the same time, we are editing artists' publications within the Independent publishing project Raum Editions.

The Studio has been founded in 2008 by Nina Reisinger and since
then, we focus on good graphic design and illustration. Our main passion
though, has always been beautiful print products. We were longing for
more freedom and flexibility in printing our own works and that of our
friends. thats how the Riso GR 3770 came into our lives and our studio.
since then we have been printing for various clients and made them


Risograph machine for all students of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. 
And… We also have white ink (not listed below)!

Photocredit © Koos Breen, alumnus 2014

This risograph is used in the Painting and Printmaking Department of Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar. We currently have the EZ 590 U model

De Kijm & zn. is an environmentally friendly Riso & silkscreen printing studio. In the studio, they print for customers as well as printing their own artwork and designs.

35 colors on the MZ970
Not listed below -> We have Metallic copper & Metallic silver

6 colors on the A2 -> Black, White, Metallic gold, Fluorescent orange, Fluorescent red, Cornflower

Minuscule imprimerie spécialisée dans la risographie créée par deux dessinateurs en 2012.

Les éditions Fotokino publient régulièrement des ouvrages imaginés en étroite collaboration avec les artistes invités. Espaces de création sur papier, ces objets prennent une forme chaque fois renouvelée : du catalogue monographique au fanzine, ces livres ne sont pas des produits, mais des projets d’artiste sur papier.C’est ainsi que notre collection s’enrichit également de productions et publications diverses : des affiches, des gravures, sérigraphies, cartes postales... à retrouver au Studio Fotokino, notre espace d'exposition situé au cœur de Marseille, France.