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Small press project focused on small edition photo books and other artist oriented printed matter. 

We’re a full service letterpress and risography publishing service located in Houston, Texas. Begun in 2008, Mystic Multiples exists to produce challenging, new work in print for designers and artists.

For Risography, or “high-speed-duplicator-work”, we use a Riso GR3750. Risograph prints are a cross between screen printing and mimeograph, and print quickly while sacrificing alignment and coverage. There’s a limited palette of ink colors available, and for those who can find creativity in constraints, it’s our least expensive way to get work published.

Constance is a New Orleans based full-service Risograph printshop and design studio. We collaborate and work with with various folks around locally and nationally, from community organizations, artists, writers, musicians, universities, record labels and art institutions to small businesses and large ones. We produce your good and bad ideas and help you actually 'be somebody', by getting your name in print.

Current Print Archive: http://www.instagram.com/weareconstance

C&B Printing offers high quality RISOGRAPH and COLOR DIGITAL printing services for artists' books, fine art editions, short run books, magazines, presentations, ‘zines and more - as well as a full range of printed matter.

We provide your job in five to ten business days or less with free delivery in the NYC five boroughs.

Please contact us for more info about our RISOGRAPH services.

[email protected]

The Graphics Lab is a Specialty printing lab at Parsons The New School for Design.
Machines within the Lab are self service, which allows the students to play and create unique pieces, in contrast to having professional establishments print for them.

The Publication Station is part of the Willem de Kooning Academy.

The Station is a collection of existing and newly developed workshops,
all working in the field of on,- and offline publication. For example
parts of the station are the former Grafiek Studio, the large format
printer, typography research and a device lab.
The Station is open for all WdKA and Piet Zwart students.