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Chicago Publishers Resource Center (CHIPRC) is a non-profit that strives to build community and foster creativity by providing access to the space, education, and resources necessary to create and self-publish literary and visual work.

We're a graphic design studio and risograph printing/publishing effort based in Chicago.

There There Now. is an independent curatorial and publishing platform with a focus on appropriative production strategies and the quotidian. We exist in support of the re-organization, exhibition, publication, and dissemination of that which is readily available. Follow us on Instagram

Art, print & design studio.

S-tones Printing is the first Risograph studio based in Beijing, founded by Stones Design Lab. It’s an affordable means of printing something small but beautiful, which may encourage people to show their ideas out, like illustrator, graphic designer, artist, indie publisher, students in art school, visual fans.

Possible Worlds is an artist-run shop, gallery, small press and project space in Chinatown, Ottawa, Canada. Occupying a 330 square foot former travel agency since February 2015, this micro arts and social hub brings together and showcases the work of emerging, experimental, diverse, socially-engaged and underrepresented artists, groups or collectives in electronic music and graphic art. It is the studio of creative collective Spins & Needles.

The primary focus of Careful Editions is producing creator-led, affordable artist’s prints, books and comics with a carefully considered attitude to format, binding and quality.

This platform exists to give a voice to artists, illustrators and designers by promoting their work and collaborating with them to produce printed matter.

If you have a project you want to discuss, or if you want to request a price quote, contact us at [email protected].