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Hato Press is an independent printing and publishing house based in London. It was established in 2009 to act as a support structure to help sustain its members’ practices and offer an affordable means of production for others.

Hato is thought of as an autonomous experimental space to encourage collaborators to develop ideas and facilitate both the production and distribution of new content.

All profits are directed into purchasing new equipment for the workshop and making new books.

GLOM PRESS is a small risograph printer based in melbourne, australia, run by michael hawkins and marc pearson. we mainly print comics, zines, posters and art.

Publisher, Printing House and Design Studio located in Trondheim.

Risograph printing press out of the University of Kansas, run by Leigh Kaulbach. Printing small zine and poster editions for fun and for hire.

Culdesac Press is a small studio based in Chicago, IL. We produce silk screen and risograph comics, posters and prints for friends, family and the masses of the midwest.

L'Atelier Fluo est une association dédiée à la pratique de la sérigraphie à Grenoble.
C'est un atelier où des gens bricolent leurs projets, ceux des autres et partagent leur(s) passion(s).
Où l'on joue avec la peinture, la lumière, les couleurs, le papier et la chimie.
C'est un endroit où du matériel est mutualisé pour que les gens réalisent eux-mêmes leurs propres travaux.
On y imprime pas mal de choses liées à des luttes sociales et aux contre-cultures, mais pas seulement.


Hello! We’re Out of the Blueprint.We specialise in RISO printing - an affordable, eco-friendly print process with a unique aesthetic. We’re a social enterprise based at Out of the Blue, an arts organisation in Leith, Edinburgh.

Set up in 2015 as part of the artcore youth arts project, we provide training and employment for young people age 25 and under, and support them with their own creative projects. Any profits we make help us to do this!